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Editorial – Vol. 2 Nº 3


New issue. New initiatives for the promotion and circulation of knowledge


It is with great satisfaction that we present the sixth issue of Eä- Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology, Vol. 2 Nº 3 – April 2011.

What’s new?: EäBlog

Vol. 2 Nº 3 is presented with a novelty: since this issue we have launched EäBlog, a new space that emerged from the need to contribute to the social circulation of knowledge that is discovered by researchers all over the world in the disciplines that are located in the intersection between Health, Society, Science and Technology.

EäBlog, avaliable at, is a new space related to Eä – Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology -but at the same time differentiated from it- with a blog layout. This project is conceived under one of the main purposes of our publication: to foster the utilization of the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and social networks on the development of the Medical Humanities and the Social Studies of Science and Technology.

Our goals.

  • To contribute from our space to the social circulation of knowledge.
  • To spread the investigations that are carried out on the Medical Humanities and Social Studies of Science and Technology fields among vast environments, even beyond the academic environment.
  • To open a space where researchers can make popular science out of their own work, presenting before a wide audience the results of their studies.
  • To incorporate an agile way of responding to and stimulating debate about the subjects that matter to an eager, dedicated to and interested in the above mentioned disciplines community.

Who writes in this blog? EäBlog was conceived to be a collaborative space, counting with the contribution of multiple authors that have published their work on Eä – Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology. Their posts will refer to the investigations that have been held, the obtained results, the importance of the topic and what is that has been discovered, as well as the social relevance and repercussion of the matter.

The invitation remains open to all authors that have published their papers on all the previous issues. This way, the contents of the blog refer to works that have already been through a thorough peer review process.

Integrating social media apps. This blog incorporates different apps to foster reader’s interaction and participation: from social bookmarking tools and the possibility of sharing contents on different social networks to a space for comments. You can also subscribe to our contents via RSS and receive the last updates.

Once again, we thank all of those who have joined us in this path and that continue to support this project day after day: to readers, authors, editorial board, reviewers, correspondents, donors, ByBNet, the Fundación Hematológica Sarmiento (FUHESA) and Tandil City Council –in sum, all those who are a part of Eä- our deepest gratitude for helping us to build this world.

We invite you all to go over the contents of this Vol. 2 Nº 3, visit EäBlog and to keep being a part of this community.

--The directors


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