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Editorial, Vol. 2 Nº 2 - Diciembre 2010

New issue. New challenges.



It is with great satisfaction that we present Eä - Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology’s Vol. 2 Nº 2 – December 2010.

In the past months we have been working on deepening the path we had set for ourselves over a year ago. This work has been reflected in the presentation “Interdisciplinarity, internationality, interactivity. The case of Eä: academic journal and social network”, at the 12th National Workshop & 7th Latin American Congress for the History of Science and Technology that took place on November 12-15, 2010 in Bahia, Brazil. There we presented the experience of creating and developing our publication, its achievements, challenges and potential, aiming to promote other experiences of ITC application for research publication that may converge in common work platforms.

In the presentation we have worked through four main axes:

Academic quality, introducing the different parameters that have allowed this journal to be positioned as a prestigious publication for the Medical Humanities and the Social Studies of Science and Technology: peer review, prestigious editorial board, fulfilling the requirements for international indexes and adherence to recognized international editorial criteria.

Interdisciplinarity. As creating Eä, we stated that the concepts of Health, Society, Science and Technology were inseparable. Our editorial decision about the fields this journal would publish was taken after having considered the need for a broad coverage. Through the different issues we have pleasantly seen an increasing amount of papers with novel approaches that articulate the four above mentioned concepts.

Internationality. We have diachronically analyzed the international reach through different indicators such as readers' nationality, author’s nationality, international penetration, and language of the published papers. We have seen a continuous stream of readers and authors from the 5 continents of the globe. Even though there is plurality of Latin American authors – and among them, Argentinean- the trends show an increasing internationalization.

Interactivity. The journal, born under a 2.0 layout, has incorporated through the last year and a half a set of new tools and communication channels: news portal, collaborative space inside the website, interaction channels through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, a discussion forum, and feedback spaces.

Our challenges 2011. Facing the New Year, our challenges will be, on the one hand, to promote a higher interaction inside the collaborative platforms inside the website and in social networks, to work in order to make our forum a meeting point, and to seek the horizon of a social international network. And, on the other hand, to take one step ahead in the promotion of the Medical Humanities and the Social Studies of Science and Technology through new spaces that may allow the social circulation of the new discoveries in these fields.

Once again, we thank all of those who have joined us in this path and that continue to support this project day after day: to readers, authors, editorial board, reviewers, correspondents, donors, ByBNet and to the Fundación Hematológica Sarmiento (FUHESA) –in sum, all those who are a part of Eä- our deepest gratitude for helping us to build this world. We invite you all to go over the contents of this Vol. 2 Nº 2 and to keep being a part of this community.


--The directors

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