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It is with great satisfaction that we present Eä- Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology’s Vol. 2 Nº 1 – August 2010.

This issue is a very special one to us: it is our first birthday!

What’s new? Eä as a case of study

Last July 20 Eä was presented at the Symposium: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for History of Science and their possibilities organized by the Argentinean Society for the History of Medicine - Argentinean Medical Association. The event was held at the Rivadavia Museum of Natural Sciences, Buenos Aires, Argentina as a part of the activities organized for Millennium and Memory. III America-Europe International Congress. "Museums, archives and libraries for the History of Science". The symposium sought to analyze the possibilities of e-communication for Science in general and History of Science in particular, and to promote the use of ICT resources applied to History of Science.

Moreover, the presentation “InterdIM_Fepai_Engisciplinarity, internationality, interactivity. The case of Eä: academic journal and social network” has been accepted for the 12th National Workshop & 7th Latin American Congress for the History of Science and Technology that will take place on November 12-15, 2010 in Bahia, Brazil.

The presentation seeks to show the experience of creation and development of our publication, its achievements, challenges and its possibilities, with the aim to promote the development of similar experiences that may lead to common work platforms.

Our first birthday. This past year we have received over 18 thousand visits from over 129 countries that have gone through our academic content and the news that we always publish on our website and on our different spaces in social networks. We have grown, we have redesigned ourselves, and we created and developed new spaces and applications. We have studied ourselves, reflecting about the path we have walked and about the new steps we will take, always facing towards the horizon we hope to reach.

Therefore, to readers, authors, editorial board, reviewers, correspondents, donors, ByBNet and to the Fundación Hematológica Sarmiento (FUHESA) –in sum, all those who are a part of Eä- our deep gratitude for having shared with us these past year and for helping us to build this world. We invite you all to go over the contents of this Vol. 2 Nº 1 and to keep being a part of this community.

--The directors

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