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Editorial Vol. 1 Nº 2


“…And they knew that this was no vision only,
but that Ilúvatar had made a new thing:
Eä, the World that Is.”
(J. R. R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion)

We are immensely pleased to present you the second issue of Eä – Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology, a periodical electronic journal in an interactive format.

To our great satisfaction, during these past four months since its release the journal has had great repercussion in an international scale: it has been visited by over 4 thousand people from over 70 countries. Prestigious institutions –societies and universities, both national and international- have promoted the news of the first issue and our subsequent updates. Opinion leaders have reviewed our journal and have spread our news through social networks, such as blogging and microblogging networks. We have also a space in Facebook and we were invited to present the journal on the radio. The call for papers has been a real success, many scholars have selected us for publishing their papers.

Eä keeps growing.
In the past four months we have periodically published interesting news for researchers, such as events, fellowships, grants, online resources, among others. In our different sections may be found an event agenda for 2010, other publications, recently released books and links of interest.

Likewise, for this Vol. 1 Nº 2 we have incorporated as a new network of correspondents with presence in Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, United States and the United Kingdom, whom we welcome to Eä’s team. All of them, scholars in the fields of the Medical Humanities (MH) and Social Studies of Science and Technology (STS), will help us promoting our activities in different academic and geographical environments and giving shape to this community. We also count with new members in the Editorial Board and new reviewers, who made a significant contribution to the academic quality of this new issue. To all of them we are deeply grateful for their valuable help.

Since we believe in the need of continuous improvement, is our intention to add more tools that foster the circulation of information and interactivity. To this extent we are planning to incorporate a newsletter with information of interest on the MH and STS; to open a discussion forum aimed at becoming a meeting place for scholars; and to allow our readers to comment the news that we post in our main page in order to increase users’ feedback; among others.

Finally, to the readers, authors, Editorial Board, reviewers and correspondents THANK YOU for helping us to transform Eä into a real World that Is.

Therefore, we invite you to go through the contents of our Vol. 1 Nº 2 and keep on being a part of this community.

Season’s greetings and a joyful 2010!

-- The directors

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